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Killer cop

Thank you for this episode. My dad was one of the detectives on this case he would be livid if he knew the death sentence was overturned, I had not heard about this new development. I will be following the case.

I Love ths PODCAST

I was looking for a good podcast for a while and I endeing up findng yours. I love the way you tell the stoies keeps me entertained. Keep up the amazing work

My favorite podcast

The Notorious Bakersfield podcast is what I listen to when I want some "me time". I could listen for hours whether in my car or just doing chores around the house. I've listened to several episodes twice! I love everything about Robert's voice and his presentation. The stories are fascinating. I live in Texas now but when I listen to Robert's narration his "word pictures" take me to wherever the event he's discussing has occurred. I particularly love when he interviews people who are related to some of the most sensational episodes. This podcast is engaging, informative and my favorite podcast by far. Always looking forward to each new episode on Tuesdays !

My moms story(murder or accident?

Robert did a great job he is very good at interviewing and editing he is a great author/ podcaster /story teller. Thanks Robert again.

Always Keeping it Interesting!

I really look forward to the latest Notorious Bakersfield podcasts. Robert does a great job researching and presenting his stories. There are lots of tie-ins to local people and events; not just dark things. If you are looking for interesting stories of Bakersfield California, you need look no further than Notorious Bakersfield!

Interesting and Informative Stories about Bakersfield's Past

Robert shines light on notorious and interesting stories from Bakersfield's past. His interesting and informative storytelling will entertain and inform the listeners.

Great podcast. Good work.

The story is well told and Robert Petersen's voice is great, warm and engaging. A new take for me on a story with which I thought I was familiar. Many twists!.

Steven stayner

Super as always